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For our postcards "Little joys", markdown, rarity, Letters and Stickers are affected discounts, in dependence of their quantity in your order:
- from 20 items in order = 10% discount;
- from 40 = 20%;

For envelopes are affected discounts, in dependence of their quantity in your order:
- from 10 items in order = 10% discount for all envelopes in the order;
- from 20 = 20%.

Any discounts don't extend to delivery cost, gift certificates and to goods which are on sale at cost or with the markup (underestimated by discount size) of equal 10% or less.


Once you have received each paid order, your internal store bonus account will be charged 5% from the order amount!
- the cost of delivery, discounts, bonuses (including from the referral program and cashback), gift certificates are not involved in the calculation - only actually paid money;
- accrued bonus money cannot be withdrawn from the shop, they can only be spent on paying for orders;
- the validity of each cashback is 90 days from the accrual date;
- you can pay with bonuses any part of the order, even in full.

#joyfulreview in Instagram

If you was joyfully with us, for example you have received the joyful order from us, or have bought our postcards in some shop, or have even received from someone a news on our postcard, make about it the developed post in Instagram and win from us a prize! :)

Several small conditions:
1. In a post to put the tag #joyfulreview and to put some more tags: #shopoflittlejoys, #ecocards, #ecopostcards, #postcards, #cards, #littlejoys and if you can in Russian #радостныйотзыв.
2. To mark out us - - on a photo and in the text. That's all! :)

By the way, in a post you can offer to your friends to shop through your referral link (the description below in the Referral program) that they could receive a discount for the first order, and you to earn on all of them orders ;).

For each review we will send you or any your acquaintance of 5 ecocards for your choice! Also, if you want, we will sign and we will send any postcard to any your friend. :)

Referral program

The essence is simple: you recommend our shop to the friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc., sending them a special referral link to shop, and receive 5% of orders of all of them!
Your friend needs to follow your link, to be registered and do orders. By the way, the friend won't remain unattended in this program too - he will receive a discount of 5% for the first order! :) After sending/delivery of his order for your internal account in shop 10% of the cost of goods in this order will be charged.

SO! Write, post, tell about shop everywhere and earn for your little joys! ;)

- only new buyers that is who weren't registered on one of projects of the Little joys group earlier will begin to participate in calculation of your bonuses and didn't do orders in Shop of little joys. And respectively only such buyers will receive a discount for the first order;
- delivery cost, gift certificates and other services don't participate in calculation;
- the bonus money can't be withdrawn from shop, they can be spent only for payment of your orders;
- validity period of each bonus of 90 days from accrual date;
- it is possible to pay with bonuses any part of the order, even completely;
- the exception of the referral program is possible if unfair participation is revealed, for example: you are your "friend", the order of "friend" contains the postal address which matches yours. The essence of the referral program is in that you earned on attraction to shop of new buyers.

Register or authorize to receive the referral link.

Here small selection of banners of shop.
If you need other banners or any advertizing materials, please, report to us about it.

Stock! In case of everyone your 5th paid order you receive the certificate on an additional discount of 5% for one any following order. You can present the certificate to the friend who didn't order in our shop yet, or to activate for yourself. In case of activation of the certificate by your friend, and when he pay his order you receive a discount too, and even increased - 10%! So it is joyful to grant joy not only, but also it is profitable! ;)
The discount affects only one any following order and doesn't extend to delivery, gift certificates and other services.

Joyful purchases! :)
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