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Our joyful buyers and presenter of joys to other people! ;)

The Shop of little joys tries to adhere to some eco-friendly and ethic principles, for example we:
  • offer joyful goods which on the physical properties are rather eco-friendly, and/or on the emotional qualities aren't capable to any type of utilization :) (for example, postage stamps ;).
  • don't use toxic materials from petrochemistry, for example, of a polyethylene adhesive tape, plastic bags, containers, bottles, tapes, etc.
  • pack orders into eco-friendly materials (a twine, FSC certified and/or recycled paper, a cardboard, envelopes, boxes).
  • urge in each order our buyers to hand over packing materials that they didn't litter an environment, and got chance for "second life". By the way, certainly you can use packing as you want :), for example, to turn in a kraft paper any surprise for your friends or even the stranger and unexpectedly to enjoy his, with what you can be helped by our project And our visiting card of our project which comes to you with the order, you can give to your friend that he too could be enjoy together with you! :)
  • try to don't send "superfluous" to buyer. For example, we cut the white, monotonous and uninteresting edges of stamps which we will hand over for processing or somehow differently we use that they didn't get on a dump (or as it is possible later).
  • try to deliver orders to buyers (at courier delivery) on electric or mechanical transport (the subway, electric train, tram, trolleybus, bicycle, feet ;).
  • use in general rather high ecological standards according to which we build all our processes.
  • and also…

We are always glad to receive your opinion, offers, questions, ideas on our production and service! Or simply to communicate! :)

Thank you! And eco-friendly purchases! ;)
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