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Have a joyful day, our joyful buyers! :)

Thank you for visit our small but joyful shop!
Orders are processed daily from 10 to 22 o'clock Moscow time. But don't hesitate to do orders in any other time, even at night, suddenly we have a sleeplessness and we will be able faster to enjoy you! :)

On any questions about order, payment, delivery or if you just wish to share your some joy ;), please write or call us any time convenient to you! :)


For receiving an order please pay it within 5 days with one or in several ways:With cash you can pay your order via terminals, cash desks, salons of communication (choose a payment method "cash via Euroset, Svyaznoy, terminal or cash desk"), and also via Euroset, Svyaznoy, Qiwi terminals, payment system Contact.
You can pay one order in different ways at the same time (for example, part of order sum via cash card, part via Yandex Money, and a rest - in nearest Euroset :)).

All payments pass through payment systems which use modern technologies of enciphering with application of safe connection of SSL.Today SSL (SecureSocketLayer) is one of the best technologies of protection of electronic data in the world market.
The shop doesn't obtain your such payment data, as, for example, number of your bank card.


Ways of delivery:
  • in Russia and World - we are glad to send you your joyful goods within 7 working days (Mon-Fri, disregarding day of the order) via Russian Post service. Please at registration of the order specify the exact and reliable postal address and completely your Name and Surname. The further destiny of a mailing has to be decided during (approximately!) 7-30 days, depending on your range from Moscow and tortuosity of a way of transfer :).
The cost of delivery is considered at registration of the order depending on chosen way of delivery and mass of order. Perhaps after sending your order a delivery sum will be increased, and you will need to pay in addition a difference on the page of the order on what you will be notified. It can occur, for example, because of considerable change of a tariff of Post Office according to the final weight of the order and distance or other features of the address of delivery, and also because of increase of quantity of packing materials or parcels (if in all order doesn't go in one packing).

Joyful purchases! :)
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